Artist Bio

Specialising in skipping, adagio and group acrobatics, Hannah is a magnetic stage force to behold. A National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) graduate and life-long gymnast, Hannah’s entire life has prepared her for a career in circus and performance. Now an industry professional, she continues to add noteworthy mentions to her resume, including performing with high-calibre companies such as: Yuck Circus, A Good Catch, and Radish by Night. 

Hannah was born into a gymnastics family and was always encouraged to defy physical boundaries. Whether it was hand-standing against the couches in her living room, or just hanging from the playground, from as early as she can remember Hannah has always preferred being upside down. 

When she was seven, she began her cirque journey with Spaghetti Circus where she found her footing as part of an amazing, highly skilled community, learning incredible circus artforms. From there she discovered the joys of performing and making people laugh through circus. 


Specialty Skills:
German Wheel

Other Skills:
Hand to Hand