Artist Bio

Sarah has spent most of her life upside down. From her humble beginnings tumbling and cartwheeling through her backyard in rural Western Australia, Sarah’s earlier years saw her compete regularly at state and national level dance competitions before transitioning into the world of circus at Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA). 

Now a NICA Alumni with a Bachelor in Circus Arts, Sarah is an elite-level Aerial Acrobat, Contortionist and Dancer, artfully blending the strength and athleticism of a gymnast with the graceful flow and artful movement of a dancer. 

With a glittering future of success and accolades ahead of her, Sarah has already collected an enviable set of CV highlights. She has caught the eye of and performed with various leading companies and productions including White Night Melbourne, Southern Beat Productions, Melbourne Cup Carnival, Nicholas Johnson, B. Lucky & Sons launch event and One Fell Swoop Circus. 

In 2019, Sarah was a principle ensemble cast member in Barnum: The Circus Musical at the Comedy Theatre, where her role was nominated for a Green Room Award. Later that year, she travelled to California to compete in the World Championships of Performing Arts where she was awarded Senior Grand Champion Dancer of the World. Sarah has also featured in corporate promotional material, including a Nando’s commercial, and in 2020 was cast as an ensemble acrobat with Brisbane-based CIRCA, performing in their debut season of Leviathan in Perth, followed by Humans in Paris and later in Brisbane.

A stunning, fierce, and irresistibly thrilling talent in contemporary circus, Sarah is a one of Australia’s most significant young artists to watch, whose work continues to mark Australia as a leader in the global cirque industry. 


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